A Norrland Labradoodle's Life

 All of the dogs living with our family are first and foremost our beloved family pets.  They live in our home and interact with our family and guests as members of the family.  Hagrid sleeps on my feet and Bronte on the floor beside my bed and they spend a lot of time lounging on the sofa during the day!  We go out for long walks along around the lake, Tavelsjö, and up in the hills are near our home.  Our dogs get lots of time to play, run free and swim on our daily walks, then generally come home for a long nap stretched out in front of the fire or snuggled on the sofa (if they're not too wet!). 

All puppies born at Norrland Labradoodles will live in our home and get lots of early socialization with people, older dogs and children.  We do not currently have any children of our own, but luckily we know lots of great kids who will help the puppies get used to children from an early age.  Our puppies will also go for car rides to prepare them for their trip home to your family. Extra socialization to prepare a puppy for a specific life situation (livestock, horses etc) can be easily arranged.  When our puppies go home to join their new families they will be de-wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and either desexed or sold with a contract which requires de-sexing before the age of 1 year. All ALD puppies world wide who are sold as pets are desexed to protect the future of this developing breed.   Puppies will also have a passport.