All the dogs bred at Norrland Labradoodles are multi-generational Australian Labradoodles (no early mixes). Our primary goal is to provide families with a wonderful family pet who is healthy and happy.  This make priorities pretty easy!
  1. Personality!  Only dogs with friendly, affectionate personalities will be in our breeding programs.  One of the main reasons for us to develop this breed is that we believe that there is a need for a dog who has been bred to be a social family member and helper rather than a hunter, retriever, truffle finder or guard dog.
  2. Health!  There is no excuse for a developing breed not to build the foundations for the healthiest dogs possible.  We follow all health testing requirements and recommendations from the ALAEU.  All breeding dogs at Norrland Labradoodles have had their hips and elbows x-rayed and their knees and eyes certified by a specialist.  They have been tested for prcd, a degenerative eye condition and VanWillebrand. We only breed clinically healthy dogs; this means that any dog with a skin condition, chronic bladder infection or ear infection or any other health issue would not make the cut as a breeding dog for us.  We have also educated ourselves about the more complex health issues which can affect our breed and make the most responsible decision possible in consideration of Addison's disease, hip displaysia etc.
  3. Coat! One of the primary reasons that many people decide to bring an Australian Labradoodle into their family is because they are non- shedding and allergy friendly.  This is also one of the characteristics which make the Australian Labradoodle uniquely appropriate for modern family and service life.  Therefore we will be breeding towards easily maintained coats which are as allergy friendly as possible.  We will not however be making any attempts to breed for specific colours or colour patterns.  Quality and maintaince are the factors we believe are important.