My name is Meredith Norlindh.  My husband Peter and I live on a little lake called Tavelsjö,  15 minutes outside of Umeå  in northern Sweden  with our two wonderful Australian Labradoodles, Hagrid and Bronte.  Peter is a mechanical and simulations engineer and I am currently working on a graduate degree in English literature.  We hike and swim in the summer and ski in the winter and love our country home and our dogs.  Peter and I fell in in love with the Australian Labradoodle in 2008 when we got Hagrid, the big goofy doodle getting lots of love to the right.  We had been on the hunt for an allergy friendly dog who would be great with kids since there are sever allergies in my husbands family.  Nothing seemed to quite fit until we found the Australian Labradoodle.  Hagrid is such an affectionate, clownish sweetheart that we decided to become breeders.  In the spring of 2011  Bronte Lisa joined our family from Gooische Labradoodles in Holland.  She is our upcoming breeding star and we adore her.  Bronte passed all of her health testing and we are planning to have our first litter of Australian Labradoodles in the summer of 2013.

At Norrland Labradoodles we run an ALAEU accredited breeding operation.  This means that we adhere to the ethical code and health testing requirements of the ALAEU.  I am also on the executive board of the ALAEU in the volunteer position of club secretary.  I believe that it is important for all breeders who are sincerely interested in securing the future of the Australian Labradoodle to work together towards this end. I also believe that it is important for health testing records and parentage of all dogs to be verified by a third party, which the ALAEU also does.