If you are interested in adopting an Australian Labradoodle from us, please take a few minutes to read through the "Australian Labradoodles" section of our website.  ALD's are wonderful, smart, people oriented dogs who are a fabulous addition to any family.  But we do not feel that they are good candidates for families who need to leave their dog alone for long periods on a regular basis.  Consider this carefully!  Please also note that all pet puppies sold by Norrland Labradoodles are sold with breeding restirctions!   This is to protect our developing breed and increasingly popular breed from exploitation.    If' you're read about the breed, considered the amount of time you have to devote to your dog and would still like a puppy from us, here's the process!
  1. Fill out a Puppy Interest Form as completely as possible.
  2. We try to reply to puppy applications within a few weeks.  Since we are a small breeding program and have other jobs and our own dogs, it may take longer. We will reply with information about upcoming litters, prices, visiting weekend etc.
  3. If you are approved for being on our waiting list, you will be offered a spot in our queue. We only reserve 8 spots maximum for any upcoming litter and the wait time can be a year or more in Scandinavia. 
  4. You will receive confirmation of pregnancy when we know that your mamma dog is expecting babies. 
  5. When the puppies have been born, you will be able to reserve your puppy by making a down payment on him or her.  This is also the time to make plans for welcoming your puppy to the family.
  6. When the puppies are 8 weeks old they will have a mentality test by a dog behaviour expert and puppy allocations will be made!  Your requests on colour, sex and preference will be taken in conjunction with your lifestyle, our knowledge of the puppies and the recommendations of our trainer to match you with a puppy who has the right personality and energy level for your family. While we try to meet everyones wishes in regards to sex and colour, this is NOT a priority.  We allocate puppies based primarily on personality and energy level.  Happily, we have never had a family dissapointed with their puppy.
  7. When your puppy is 9 weeks old you will be able to come and pick him or her up!