Meet Our Canine Family at Norrland Labradoodles!

 Scandinavia Hagrid Hickory

Scandinavia Hagrid Hickory was the first Australian Labradoodle to join the Norlindh family.  He came to us from Scandinavia Labradoodles in Denmark (no longer active) in the summer of 2008.  His affectionate, loving and goofy personality stole our hearts and inspired us to become breeders of these wonderful dogs.  Hagrid is a sterilized, standard cream male (I like to say he is the colour of sunshine) with a lovely soft fleece coat.  He is our beautiful snuggle boy who absolutely adores my husband, Peter, and greets the world happily and calmly.  He spends his days walking around the lake, chewing on bones and snoozing on the sofa.

Gooische Bronte Lisa

Goosiche Bronte Lisa is the most charming little bear of a dog that ever existed!  She is smart,  sweet, playful, energetic and affectionate. This little girl doesn't miss a thing! Bronte is a large medium/ small standard girl with a gorgeous chocolate fleece coat that is easily maintained. Born February 18th 2011, she weighs 22 kg and is 53 cm tall with lovely solid boning  and will be able to produce puppies of all colours. This little lady loves children and her mamma and life.  She captures the hearts of everyone she meets and constantly makes us laugh! Bronte passed her health testing (OFA good hips , OFA clear elbows, knees (patella) clear, clear eyes, negative pcrd, negative vWd) with flying colours and we are looking forward very much to her first litter!